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Our Story

The Vetter Group is the result of years of hard work and growth by leveraging the strength of our team.  We are a collection of companies, joint ventures, partnerships, and relationships based on Bud Vetter’s philosophy of strength through diversity and improvement. We have a strong management team with decades of experience in diverse disciplines functioning as a single unit. We believe in efficiency and effectiveness. We are in the business of making business work. We welcome your inquiries and we are always interested in new ideas.

Our Companies

Vetter Property Group owns and/or manages in excess of 3,000,000 sf of real estate. We are proficient in the development, funding, construction, sale, and management of diverse projects. Our portfolio includes large warehousing, strip malls, residential and business condominium development, sale, and management. We have also managed the construction, acquisition, and sale of multi-unit rental properties, student housing, and redevelopment of existing structures. Our team has extensive experience with government funding to include municipal and county zoning, budgeting, appropriation, and expenditure.

Vetter Property Management is a “1-Stop-Shop” designed to help manage and maintain your single and multi-unit rentals. We are your single source solution for all your property management needs! We ensure that good, routine practices are put in place to maintain and enhance your property. See the full list of services we provide. Give us a call today! We will be happy to talk with you about all the services we offer that ease the burden of rental property ownership.